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Ipad POS


Ipad POS

Our Ipad POS Main Screen shows easily the main sections and type of sale at your fingertips. Just click on “Tables” to initiate a table service sale and proceed to the restaurant menu. Start ringing menu items fast, send the the kitchen printer or kitchen display . Form this screen you can also access the “To Go” “Quick to Go” ” Online Orders” “Tabs” and more.

Our Ipad POS reduces the learning curve.

By arming your emplyees with intuitive devices they are familiar with, we are able to reduce considerably the learning curve and training hours, MOST OF THEM own or have used an Ipad before.

Our Ipad system also increases mobility and reliability, no more power outages that shut down your POS and also no more waiting for the system to boot up.

By using our state-of-the-art POS system and tableside order we are able to increase the restaurant table turnover and skyrocket the restaurant sales.

Load your gift Cards from this screen also and access the reports, and quick settings as well as employee’s tips report.

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