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Accept all type of payments, no restrictions . Our POS Systems are EMV ready and work in almost all platforms. We are ready, Are you?

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pcAmerica tech support

 if you have a problem, we can fix it You don’t have to wait for answers. The moment you contact us, our team of experts will get to work in fixing your problem. The discount website can’t offer our level of technical support because they don’t know the retail and restaurant industry at the point of sale...

Online Orders

Redefining Online Orders! Our integrated Online Ordering solution has revolutionized restaurants’ websites. Since it is integrated directly into our system anything changed on the menu in the back office shows up immediately on the website with current information. We provide a flexible way to add items, change prices or introduce discounts. There is no need...

Introducing the white POS.

White is now available with white printer & cash drawer! Rugged to Withstand the Toughest Environments iPad Stand even better with enhanced security and broader card reader support. This is the perfect, modern iPad stand for your business or shop.  

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Best POS analysis

How to prepare the site for your POS installation without the risk of losing money? How to choose a strategy and implement the right solution ? Currently, the market offers a huge number of POS software and POS Hardware, but only a qualified POS consultant will answer your questions.60% of a successful installation depends on properly selecting the right POS for your business.


Lease and Financing Options

We specialize in POS Systems and Credit Cards Processing.

$123per month

POS Tech Support

If you need POS system tech support at affordable price you need to call TechXmart .

$370old price



CFO Advanced Beauty Concepts.

Our Sales have skyrocketed after we called Techxmart. They guided us and helped us select the best solution for our business, so glad we made this decision.


Authentic Flair Restaurant

We have saved so much money with the Techxmart EMV solution. Switching with this company has been a blessing and a relief. THANKS !

Celso P

JPN Group

Online Ordering they way this guys do it, is a bliss. No hassle we have increased our sales by 30%, I highly recommend them.

Linda M. Gipson

Manager HR

We are a long time customer of Techxmart and they have always exceeded  our expectations . The customer support has been great and continues to impress us.

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