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Restaurant POS

At TechXmart we are committed to your success!
With more than 10 years experience under our belt and staff from multiple backgrounds, we certainly have the solution to your need.

TechXmart specializes in POS systems installs and configuration, we work with well-known POS solutions that are proven and reliable, such as pcAmerica, Aldelo and PossiblePOS, as well as tablets POS solutions.

Our Restaurant software works well in fast casual restaurants with high volume of transactions and fine dinning restaurants. It is designed to work flawlessly 24 hours seven days a week being networked or not and we do not rely on internet connections for operating.


• Promotions, discounts by hour, time range, day of the week, means of payment, etc.
•All modules : Tables, To-Go, Delivery Bar-Tabs, Take-out , Restaurant Kiosk, Online Orders.
• Unlimited price lists by customer, branch, voucher.
• Discount coupons and Gift Cards.
• Advertising at the point of sale.
• Customer loyalty.
• Accounts receivable with credit limits and collection at the point of sale.
• Implementation and recharging of prepaid cards at the POS.

Restaurants POS, Inventory, Purchasing and Supply.

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Complete EMV integration

Our POS System is key to protecting your restaurant from credit card fraud. We use the latest and more secure EMV readers totally integrated with your payments operations and is one of the most secure in the industry. Best of all, bank charge backs due to credit card fraud become a thing of the past.

  • Synetouch POS Solutions feature full EMV integration for every aspect of your business.
  • Enjoy access to Payment & Refund Totals, Credit Card Reports, and Payments by Category.
  • It’s information that helps you manage your operations and put more money in your pocket..
  • We work with almost all processing platforms.
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Kitchen display


The heart of any restaurant is the kitchen. If that’s not running smoothly, it can throw the whole place into disarray. Fortunately, the Synetouch Kitchen Display can help keep everything on track.

  • A redefined integrated solution to kitchen ticket delivery.
  • Orders are sent to a kitchen monitor instead of…or in addition to, kitchen printers.
  • Orders can be expedited by sending instructions to various kitchen stations.
  • Communication between the kitchen and the servers is enhanced greatly.
  • Eliminate traditional ribbon and paper systems, eliminating the loss of kitchen receipts.

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Built-in Loyalty Programs


Happy customers are loyal customers. And rewards programs are a great way to create a stronger bond with your customers. Synetouch’s Customer Loyalty programs make connecting and marketing to your exiting customer base easier than ever. Our systems are in-house and are totally integrated with your system.

  • Guests earn points with every order or visit which encourages them to return.
  • You can set the parameters for earning points in the system.
  • You set the number of points they may earn for each dollar they spend.
  • Set point limits for coupons. Printing is done automatically when limit is reached.
  • Current number of points are tracked via reports for each customer.
  • The system collects email addresses for marketing future promotions, events, etc.
  • Print custom coupons for VIP’s or use them as compensation to satisfy a complaint.
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